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Villa PaulAna_piscine naturiste Cap d'Ag



Béatrice & Laurent invite you to share their world of life
We rent rooms in a large villa with swimming pool in Cap d'Agde
We practice naturism, conviviality and sharing, you will be our hosts.

"Friendly" libertinism is accepted if certain hosts wish to share more with each other. For any other form of expression of it there are many ad hoc places to discover in the naturist center.

Below maps of access to the naturist center: 7 mins by car and 29 mins on foot.


We live in the villa, so we are on site for reception and, on request, at your service to meet as much as possible your wishes (transport, room service, etc.).


Do not hesitate to send us your opinions by email or to contact us if you are looking for answers to your questions or useful information.

Accès voiture au Village naturiste depuis Villa PaulAna
Accès piétons au Village naturiste depuis Villa PaulAna
Villa PaulAna_piscine naturiste Cap d'Ag
Villa PaulAna chambre étage maison d'hot
Villa PaulAna_piscine naturiste Cap d'Ag
Villa PaulAna_piscine naturiste Cap d'Ag

Villa PaulAna


This villa built at the start of Cap d'Agde in the 1980s, Béatrice and Laurent renovated it to rejuvenate and refurbish it to welcome their guests in comfort.


It has been a naturist villa since the beginning, it is a way of life and we wanted to perpetuate this ethics of well being of the body in this sunny region.


When to come to Cap d'Agde
extract from the site

Here are some data to help you in your decision:
• April, May, June, July, August, September and October are the most favorable months for the climate
• June, July and August, on average, are the hottest months
• January and February are the coldest months
• October and November are the rainiest months
• September is the best month for swimming

For full information about the climate and weather in Cap d'Agde a specific month, click on the corresponding line below:
Temp. Month - humidity - notice
January 7 ° / 11 ° 30% unfavorable climate Detail
February 7 ° / 12 ° 24% unfavorable climate Detail
March 10 ° / 15 ° 24% fair climate Detail
April 12 ° / 18 ° 31% favorable climate Detail
May 15 ° / 22 ° 25% favorable climate Detail

June 20 ° / 27 ° 22% ideal climate Detail
July 22 ° / 30 ° 16% ideal climate Detail
August 21 ° / 29 ° 17% ideal climate Detail
September 18 ° / 26 ° 19% ideal climate Detail

October 15 ° / 21 ° 32% favorable climate Detail
November 12 ° / 15 ° 36% fair climate Detail

December 9 ° / 12 ° 23% unfavorable climate Detail

About the climate
With hot and sunny summers, the reputation of beautiful summer days at Cap d'Agde goes beyond the borders of France. This explains the enthusiasm of holidaymakers from neighboring countries such as Germany and Sweden for this seaside resort. Like the coastal cities like Sète, Palavas-les-Flots or Cassis which benefit from the influence of the Mediterranean, this locality also knows superb springs and autumns where the beautiful sun and the softness of the atmosphere allow to extend the pleasures of summer vacations. Only the winters are not pleasant because of the cold because the minimum temperatures can approach 6 ° C.

Spring climate
Spring begins towards the end of March, but it will be necessary to wait until the second half of April to see the heat decorate the middle of the day. The mild morning temperatures and a slight increase in precipitation characterize this period. But thanks to the pleasant presence of the sun, the last days of spring at Cap d'Agde are magnificent.

Climate in summer
The climatic conditions at Cap d'Agde, during the summer which extends from June to September, are the result of a perfect combination of superb sunshine, the withdrawal of precipitation as well as the pleasant heat. Maximum temperatures are around 30 ° C. Thus, there are many beautiful sunny days, to the delight of summer visitors.

Climate in autumn
Admittedly, the rains return gradually towards the end of September, but it is in October and November that the humidity is at its peak. And in the fall, temperatures continue to drop. Like localities like Argelès-sur-Mer, the coming of winter is a smooth process since in November, the middle of the day is still pleasant.

Winter climate
Compared to the climatic conditions of Toulon, characterized by mild temperatures, those of Cap d'Agde are disadvantaged by the cool morning temperatures and the unsuitable weather, because of the cold.

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