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Villa PaulAna house rules

1. Admission and residence conditions

To be admitted to stay at the Villa PaulAna guest house, it must have been authorized by the managers Béatrice or Laurent. They take care of the good behavior and the good order of the Villa as well as the respect of the application of the present internal rules:

• Villa PaulAna is naturist, in its enclosure and that of the swimming pool the naturist ethics must be respected there. Full nudity must be practiced whenever the climate allows, while remaining attentive to people who may be apprehensive about discovering naturism.

• single men are accepted only if they undertake to behave correctly towards others and in particular women.

• children are not admitted. Minimum age 18

• Villa PaulAna is unfortunately not accessible to people with reduced mobility.

• shots are only tolerated privately.

• staying at Villa PaulAna implies acceptance of the general conditions of sale, the provisions of these regulations and the commitment to comply with them.

pets are not allowed at the Villa.

• no one can take up residence there except Béatrice and Laurent ;-)

2. Formalities

• any person having to stay at least one night at the Villa must first fill in an identity card
• in application of article R. 611-35 of the code for the entry and stay of foreigners and the right of asylum, managers are entitled to request an identity document and have it filled in and signed by the foreign customers, upon arrival, an individual police sheet. She will mention in particular:

1 ° surname and first names;

2 ° date and place of birth;

3 ° nationality;

4 ° usual home address.

3. Welcome, arrival

Reception and registrations open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. You will receive there all the information on the services of the Villa, the shared facilities and possibly any information that may prove useful.

• any arrival outside reception opening hours must be reported by telephone to 06 51 35 75 05 in order to find a solution for the delivery of the keys.

Late arrival possible on request. A supplement of 5 € will be applied for an arrival between 9 p.m. & 11 p.m. and 15 € beyond 11 p.m.

• stays are prepaid on arrival based on the number of nights provided. Extras are paid on departure
• subject to availability, access to the room is from 2 p.m., but upon your arrival you can access the amenities of the Villa, swimming pool, lounge, ...

4. Departure

• the rooms must be vacated by 11 am at the latest. A supplement of 10% of the room price will be applied per hour of delay.

for any departure delayed beyond 2 p.m., it may be invoiced for an additional day at the current nightly price.

• in the event of departure before 9 a.m., customers are invited to notify Béatrice or Laurent the day before this and make the payment adjustment including the additional costs of their stay, breakfasts, drinks, services, ... and possibly additional nights

• the rental you are leaving will be subject to a site verification. The host will be responsible for any shortage or breakage noted at the start, a corresponding sum may be requested.

5. Stay

• the amount of the stays is displayed in the common room and in each room.

• the host is responsible for the inventory of his accommodation if he has not filed any complaints with managers within 4 hours of his arrival. He will be responsible for any lack or breakage noted at the start, a corresponding sum may be requested.

• It is the customer's responsibility to insure themselves: Villa PaulAna declines all responsibility in the event of theft, fire and incidents falling under the customer's responsibility. (see chapter 9)

• all customers must comply with the provisions of the internal regulations.

• a system for collecting complaints is available to guests.

6. Visitors

• during the day, after having been authorized by Béatrice or Laurent, visitors may be admitted to Villa PaulAna under the responsibility of the hosts who receive them.

• Villa PaulAna's services and facilities are accessible to visitors. However, the use of these facilities may be chargeable at a rate which will be posted in the common room and the hosts who receive visitors may be required in case of non-payment to pay the amounts due by their guests.

7. Noise and silence

• guests are requested to avoid any noise and discussion which could annoy other guests. Sound devices must be adjusted accordingly.

• silence must be respected between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.

• each guest is responsible for disturbances and nuisances caused by people who stay with him or visit him.

8. Dress and appearance of the installations

 • each host or visitor is required to refrain from any action that could harm the cleanliness, hygiene and appearance of the Villa and its facilities, plantings and floral decorations. Waste of any kind must be placed in the trash.

• the drying of the linen will be done in the common dryer, it is however tolerated near the rooms, on the condition that it is discreet and does not disturb other guests.

• any repair of degradation committed at Villa PaulAna, its installations or its vegetation will be the responsibility of its author.

9. Fire safety, electrical installations, theft

• fire: open fires are strictly forbidden, a barbecue is available to guests. In case of fire, immediately notify the managers, fire extinguishers and a first aid kit are in the common room of Villa PaulAna
• electrical installations: Hosts are required to have electrical equipment in accordance with current standards (NF and CE).
• theft: Villa PaulAna will be responsible for objects deposited with managers. The Hosts keep responsibility for their own equipment and must report to managers the presence of any suspicious person. The Hosts are invited to take the usual precautions for the safeguard of their equipment.

10. Games

• no violent or annoying game can be organized at Villa PaulAna or its outdoor spaces.

11. Parking of vehicles

• vehicles will be parked outside Villa PaulAna

• on request possibility of parking car and motorbike in the garage of Villa PaulAna as far as the places available. Open during reception opening hours.

12. Breach of the rules of procedure

• in the event that a host disturbs the stay of the other hosts or does not comply with the provisions of these internal rules, Béatrice or Laurent may orally or in writing, if they deem it necessary, give notice to the latter to cease the disturbances.

• in the event of a serious or repeated breach of the rules of procedure and after formal notice by the managers to comply with them, the latter may terminate the contract.

• in the event of a criminal offense, managers may appeal to the police.

13. Display

• these internal rules are available in the common room and can be given to each customer who requests it.

• the prices of the various services are communicated to the hosts under the conditions fixed by decree of the Minister responsible for consumption and available for consultation at the reception.

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